Kaoscentrica - South Hordes Arise

This Chilean band pays homage in the best possible way to old school American Death Metal on this their debut LP. What a ride this one is. From the opening track ‘Infernal Hordes Arise from the South’ you get a Deicide feeling in the guitar tone, whilst lyrically we have a different approach, this track and album is pretty tight and very professional. Production is beefy and organic, even if it is a little quiet in modern terms, however this does not detract from the listening experience, especially at close quarters. My concentration reaches boiling point during ‘The Call of the Fog’ with bloody horns, like those I hear all the time watching the world cup tournament, simply an unfortunate time to listen to an album with horns in it! The track itself is fine, even though it sounds as if it was recorded in a different studio to other tracks on the release. ‘Denying the Herviborous Sun’ is the outstanding track of this album for me. Intense, melody ridden, crisp and precise, even loose bass strings can be heard, a great recording. Nguen Kurrüf are one of the highlights, as much as I love the guitar tone and overall sound, it does not distinguish the music from other bands, unlike the vocals, this supports the musical section with a mixture of death growls and low stomach intensity with some vocal gurgles normally associated with the mighty Immortal of all bands to think of! This is perhaps a lazy comparison, but in truth, Kaoscentrica are a quality band with ideas flowing and more development potential I am sure in the pipes. The foundations are strong; this horde from the Southern Hemisphere is arising in an overflowing scene as a leader for quality tunes.

There is not really any unending difference in this bands repertoire, but what is on offer is powerful, technical and possess’ a certain amount of class.

1. Infernal Hordes Rise From The South
2. Devast
3. God Of Noise
4. Denying The Herbivorous Sun
5. The Last Chilean Song
6. In Flames Messiah
7. Quimeras
8. Inche Ta Lautraru Apumbin Ta Pu Huinca
9. The Black Iceberg
10. The Call Of The Fog

Australis Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 1, 2010

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