Kalopsia - Sanguine Epitaph

2 years have passed since the American war bringers, released their second full length. This time, it is a new EP they decided to unleash upon us and of course the impressions their previous full length left, couldn't leave us untouched on this one. So this one is called “Sanguine Epitaph” and it has 4 new songs and a cover on Lividity's ‘Feasting On Mankind’.

The boys carry on from where they left the whole drill with “Amongst The Ruins”. Tight and well played death metal. American cut. With sharp riffs and heavy riffs and shriek-growling vocal enhancements. And this means that it will automatically bring Cannibal Corpse and Malevolent Creation in mind, especially in their more thrashy kind of riffs. There are some slammy interleaves here and there and all these are joined together under great and clever song constructions. Mainly mid tempo but never forgetting how it is to blast like hell. Seems though that this time the quartet from New Jersey based their material in groove and atmosphere. From the majestic intro of ‘Deepen The Wound’ and it's enhancements of groovy parts with blast beats, to the fury of ‘Invoke The Curse’ and so on.

The 4 new tracks Kalopsia presents us in this demo are heavy and groovy with small bursts of relentless brutality here and there. A clever way not to wear the listener out. What seems different though here is the production. Their second full had a rough production and this time they managed to make it a bit more rough. Of course this is not something to take points away from “Sanguine Epitaph”, which is an exquisite EP. It is just that in some occasions it gets pretty chaotic but on the other hand some bands like it this way so I guess it will all be a matter of love it or hate it in the end. My idea of roughness is the one on their previous one, cos this one to my ears sounded a bit too much on certain occasions (for example in the last of ‘Cemetary Wreath’). But this is all me being a purist here. Lots of you will find their moments in Kalopsia.

“Sanguine Epitaph” might not be the EP to change your views on death metal, but it definitely is one to make you spend your time pleasantly. A really decent EP from a decent brutal band that in my opinion has a lot more to give.

  1. Deepen The Wound
  2. Invoke The Curse
  3. Feasting On Mankind (cover Lividity)
  4. Cemetery Wreath
  5. Toolshed Therapy