Kalopsia - Exquisite Beauty Of the Defiled

Hailing from New Jersey (U.S.A.) these guys create a nostalgia of early 90's deathmetal by a dynamic sound, a lot of aggression and very tight guitarplaying. Songs that last about 4 minutes; but great song structures and variation between speed & melody versus mosh parts make this very interesting. Lyrics about the usual murder and torture stuff but very-well performed by brutal growling vocals and additional backing screams and grunts. For deathmetalfreaks who dig the oldschool thrashy shit really worth checking out.

1. Pleasure in torture
2. Tool Shed Therapy
3. Source of My Evil
4. Orgasmic Mutilation
5. Driven by Voices
6. Headless and Raped
7. Realm of the Dead
8. Her Obituary Reads...
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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