Kalopsia - Angelplague

New Jersey’s Kalopsia have returned with their 3rd full-length entitled “Angelplague”. This is a death metal band that pulls no punches. Not even the ones that hit you in the throat with the massiveness of this release. This is my introduction to the band and, so far I like what I am hearing. This is a band that really knows what they are doing as they have been around since 1999 and have 3 demos, 5 full lengths, an EP, and a single. In this time they have honed their craft to become an undisputable death metal wrecking machine. This is the type of release that has the potential to become legendary. Young bands today need to sit up and take notes from this band on how metal is supposed to be played.

When it comes to the guitar work here, the riffs are sharp and scathing with thrash influences, but still having strong roots in the style of traditional death metal. While this band formed in, again, 1999, their sound is reminiscent of bands from the early 90’s and even the late 80’s. The sound is just absolutely punishing and unrelenting, and it is sure to slowly and gloriously infect your auditory senses. Be ready for some of the best riffage of 2017 as far as death metal goes. The drums are definitely performed with a passion for things old school with no obvious triggering. All you have here is straight forward, menacing pounding that gives you an idea of what the pulse and very heartbeat of this genre sounds like. The bass level is at a nice volume and underlines the riffs nicely, almost melding with them in Metallic ecstasy. When you can hear and feel the bass, you know you have the mix right. Too many bands and producers drown out this aspect of the music and totally miss out something that can add so much volume to their efforts. There is a great pattern and style where the vocals are concerned. The range is minimal but there are a few higher range screams. On the lower growling type vocals, it reminds me of Jeff Gruslin’s vocals on the Vital Remains release “Let Us Prey” only grittier and raspier. On the higher screams one could say they sound a bit like Brett Hoffman from Malevolent Creation.

This is a sound and solid recording while slightly melodic at times, but still a straight forward, pummeling slab of pure unrelenting death metal. This is highly recommended for fans of Sinister, Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Immolation, Cryptopsy, and Vader. Kalopsia is a band that you will want to keep your eye on for the rest of the year and years to come. This release was put out by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and is one of the finer releases on that label, so be sure to look for this release and add it to your collection if you haven’t already!

  1. Destined To Return
  2. As The Serpent Devours
  3. Christened Upon The Slab
  4. Not Peace But Pestilence
  5. Scorched Earth And Blackened Skies
  6. Source Of My Evil
  7. Surge Of Terror
  8. Bitter Sacraments