Kalopsia - Amongst The Ruins

Thousands of bells started ringing in my ears when I first saw this release... I was sure I knew the band. I was sure I had heard these American's before... All the mystery got solved when I saw their first full length of 2003, "Exquisite Beauty Of The Defiled". I remember I liked that. It was a nice combination of well played death thrash. With the death metal element of course more obvious. Actually it was not the shit that would be blasting your ears for decades but it was a pretty decent work and promised a very powerful second one. 

Now, almost ten years from that first one it is time for Kalopsia to release their new platter of demise. I don't even want to bother with, what took them so long. The first thing I noticed was their altered logo. More death metalish-kind of reminded me the one of the Norwegian slammsters Kraanium. Thumbs up for this change, their first one sucked ass a bit! On the musical aspect, Kalopsia is a mixture of old school death metal with a more 2012 approach, having their love for thrash metal embedded in their melodies. "Among The Ruins" is a release that will fulfill the death metal taste of even the most demanding listener. There is a variety of blastbeating moments, to more oldschool slow double kickdrummed themes. You can even find more melodic lines amongst this release's whole barbarity! There... that is the word I was looking for! "Among The Ruins" is not a hyper speed new age death metal album, nor an old school rotbreathing one. It is an album that reeks barbarity. The combination of the hyper blasting moments, with the melodic ones is just magnificent! When I say melodic ones don't expect to listen keyboards and airy melodies and shit like that. 'Melodic ones' in the language of Kalopsia means: lead part of the guitar while the drummer keeps beaten' the hell of his drum set and the rhythm section keeps bringing the terror. 

So was worth the wait? Well I believe it difinately was. New killer album that succeeded a (2011) demo and as I can see it is not their latest release cause they already have a new demo out, which I definitely wanna check, from a band that just came from the dead. Could anyone ask for more? If anyone considers her/himself a great fan of bands as Monstrosity, Severe Torture or Suffocation, she/he should give it a bite. Can't get disappointed out of this one!


  1. Salt Sown Earth
  2. Green Eyed Monster
  3. Messiah Complex
  4. Marred By Tragedy
  5. Pillars Of Ash
  6. Death Starts The Horror
  7. Liar's Eulogy
  8. Scatter The Remains