Kalodin - SARV

After a successful launch of their debut full length in 2010, Symphonic Black Metal act Kalodin unleash upon the masses their first EP, 'SARV.' Unlike most typical Symphonic Black Metal groups, Kalodin hit pretty hard and don't let up. The music hints at symphonic elements such as slow openings or backing keyboards during the chorus, but the guitar structure and drumming especially on top of the raspy vocals sounds more in the vein of traditional Black Metal with little room for mercy. Unlike bands like Dimmu Borgir who merge harsh melodies with beautiful orchestral elements, 'SARV' is more raw and basic. Sometimes they even feel like they are aiming for the unorthodox groove approach similar to band like Marduk on the track "OV Creation" when it comes to certain sections. Others like the opening "Fallen Empire" feature louder gothic and symphonic elements that keep up through the track, but on others they seem almost faint. Still, this small offering is something that most fans of Kalodin will enjoy in its well produced fashion while new fans of both traditional and symphonic Black Metal will find it intriguing for both its furious and classical elements.


  1. Fallen Empire
  2. Ov Creation
  3. Pathless
  4. Trishula


Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Sep 24, 2012

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