Kakothanasy - Dystomorph

Kakothanasy is a band from Lausanne, Switzerland, founded in 2010 under the name of Genocide Farm, and that changed its name to the current one in 2012, and with it they continue since then, they have released an EP “Paradoxide” and a demo, and finally we see their debut "Dystomorph" released by Goatgrind Records. Showing their brutal death metal, in the style of bands like Disgorge for example and similars. The piece consists of 9 cuts including the intro, the theme could be said to be cosmo gore brutal death metal. Line-up: Florent Duployer : drums, vocal; Lionel : Guitar, vocal; Boris Masur : Bass.

Let's see, the tracks. 'Prolegomeningitis Essential', 50 seconds to introduce you in the upcoming cosmic gore chaos, the massacre begins. 'Four Hazardous Intersideral Beings', with twisted riffs, ultra-fast and brutal drums, and the cavernous voice. Parts of slam also, complex structures, mixing brutality and some groove, but always in the brutal vein.

The whole album is in the parameters of brutal death metal, but very well executed, with some new ideas, you can remind bands like Deeds Of Flesh, Decrepit Birth (first album), Wormed, of course all the brutality that you need is here. The titles are succulent, good production is necessary for this kind of music, you can hear everything. As musicians they are big, and the artwork is what they offer, cosmic gore terror in music form. For the uninitiated in this style it may seem like the same, but there is a big job behind, with brushstrokes and details that make this work out of the rest.

Get it, don't doubt.


1. Prolegomeningitis Essential
2. Four Hazardous Intersideral Beings
3. Excelsior Extrophy Hex When Expunging An Extreme Hexad
4. An Unfortunate Attempt To Abort The Genetically Superiors Miscalculation
5. Entanglement Of A Disgruntled Dissymetrical Coprolith
6. As It Was Diving Through The Eternal Space On Its Insatiable Quest To Devour Planets And Manure New Born Stars
7. Synaptic Degradation Trauma Induces Symbiotic Euphoria
8. Egoskeptical Determination Through Face Swapping Deterioration
9. Neurosyphilis Metareboot