Just Before Dawn – Tides Of Blood

With a bunch of EP’s padding out the catalogue “Tides Of Blood” is actually the third full length album. For those new to the band or rather project. Just Before Dawn is the war themed death metal brainchild of Anders Biazzi of Amon Amarth and Blood Mortized fame. Jonny Pettersson and Brynjar have since become constant members and these three which have been the main bulk of the band and each track of every album has had a barrage of guest appearances and session players. It’s a who’s who of the European death metal scene as well as more famous faces like Rick Rozz (Death/Massacre) lending a lead here and a solo there.

Until this point it’s remained a studio project but this year they have taken it on the road and got a solid line up with the ever prolific David Ingram taking the lead vocals position and with that doing the lion’s share of the vocals on this new album. A total of 13 musicians contributed to this record so to reference everyone will take forever so I’ll just stick to the music but the most important thing you need to know, it’s an absolute monster!

With the obligatory short intro track you are pistol whipped by the opening 'Day Of Days' this is old school, down and dirty European death metal at its finest. Full of energy, hunger and passion. Chainsaw shredding riffage, pummelling drums and delicious melodic solos. When it’s fast it’s blistering, when it slower like on tracks like 'Formation At The Rising Dawn' it’s morbid and atmospheric and with perfect pacing. They know when to speed up, slow down and when to throw in a bit of groove for good measure. The use of keyboards during the building climax of 'Bombs Of Bremen' is simply orgasmic.

Your ears will bleed, your neck will be crying out for mercy and I don’t recommend playing it while driving!

In a post Bolt Thrower world if you a looking for a war themed death metal to fill the void this is a first round knockout over Memoriam.

  1. When The Iron Shield Falls
  2. Day Of Days
  3. Market Garden
  4. Formations At The Rising Dawn
  5. Battle For The Bridge
  6. Tides Of Blood
  7. Bombs Over Bremen
  8. Civilian Alliance
  9. Spirit Of The Blitz
  10. In The Depth Of War (Outro – Declaration War)