Juggernørt - Hooligan

It is their purpose to be on a stage performing and delivering a show to remember. They are tired of being trapped by the walls of normality. They need to see the world, and the world needs to see them.

Juggernørt unleash this track on the unsuspecting public, and should be ashamed of themselves! Making people enjoy themselves to the raucous mesmerizing sound of this beast, played with aggression and crafted deliciously around clearly passionate growls culminating in sheer savagery – how very dare they! Lyrically immense – “Hooligan, Hooligan you’re a fucking hooligan!” I bet being in the front row at one of their gigs you will end up getting spit in your eye especially after this track!

No Fuckin’ Bullshit
More of the same raw, aggressive and lyrically insane, reaching the heights of dizzying metal splendour. The guitar will forcibly throttle you, the drums batter furiously hard to a mean bass rip that will leave you bruised and whilst you are being aurally screwed by that, you have to contend with the captivating vocal onslaught of James Taw and so you get screwed twice for the pleasure!

Breed Of Species Unknown To Man
Rewarding and satisfying, as that scream cuts through you like a royal blade.  Pumping rhythms and raw beats will skull fuck you senseless – this is just how I like my metal!! I love being bitch slapped by a pounding onslaught of ferocious metal it’s so delicious! This is one to crank up and go crazy to as it reaches the heights of tremendously satisfying! Bring on the addictive teasing guys I’m ready!

Wargasm (bonus track)
A tasty bonus track! And if I was a bloke no doubt would be calling it a “Boner” track! Highly “orgasmic” metal, this will send your limbs into spasms as they try and keep up with the crazy rhythms contained within it. Plenty of bite and intensity as it rips through the flesh leaving its mark.

Snarling bass hooks, meaty guitar, thundering blast beats and a fist full of vocal this E.P. is corrosive even in small amounts but for me I am hungry for more and have to play it again for the umpteenth time being a true rip roaring metal head who can’t get enough of the ear splitting screams and literally enjoy being consumed with venomous seduction.

No nonsense in your face brutality is what clearly every metal head far and wide wants to hear. We want to be wooed with a vocal onslaught of lyrically degrading sweary vocals, provocative melodies, rip-roaring bass hooks and unadulterated kick beats which is why Juggernørt, if not already, should be in YOUR collection.

Juggernørt are true pioneers of metal with their uncompromising rhythms, damming explosive blast beats and provocative vocabulary – these are four tracks that you need to hear, to witness, to experience in all their glory and I urge you to buy this slab of aural (I said aural you fool!) debauchery – you can thank me later!


  1. Hooligan
  2. No Fuckin’ Bullshit
  3. Breed Of Species Unknown To Man
  4. Wargasm (bonus track)

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Apr 18, 2013

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