Jucifer - L'Autrichienne

Jucifer is a duo consisting of Amber (guitars/vocals) and Edgar (drums) and they are together since 1993. Since that time they releases some independent items before releasing their first album on Relapse in 2006 called "If Thine Enemy Hunger". Now in March 2008 the two are releasing its follow up "L'Autrichienne" containing 21 tracks.

The music of Jucifer is hard to describe but it is an intense trip in the alternative rock scene. The songs go from one point to the other but not in the shortest line. Amber can be harsh shouting but can also be serene. And beside the electric guitars she can also do the more accoustic version. Sensative example is track "To The End" with the accoustic guitars and her sweetest voice. But on the other hand they can also go to the side of noise grind in short explosions like "Thermidor" or "Fall Of The Bastille". And they are not afraid to use sludge influences in a song like "Behind Every Great Man". And so there are lot of other things that sound like contradictions but all together is sounds like a metal rock noise collaboration.

1. Blackpowder
2. Thermidor
3. To Earth
4. Deficit
5. Champ De Mars
6. Fall of the Bastille
7. To the End
8. Armada
9. L'Autrichienne
10. Behind Every Great Man
11. October
12. Birds of a Feather
13. Traitors
14. The Law of Suspects
15. Noyade
16. The Mountain
17. Window (Where the Sea Falls Forver)
18. Fleru De Lis
19. Procession A La Guillotine
20. Coma
21. The Assembly

Relapse Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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