Joyless Jokers - Taste Of Victory

Formed in 2006 in Vicenza, Italy, this band of mainly three brother’s Thomas, Rudy and Jader (although Jader was the last of the brother’s to join) started off playing rock/hard rock and with the usual changes in line-ups found Tom changing from bass to vocals as Tom’s vocal chords were more suited to screaming, so their sound changed dramatically to Melodic Death Metal. This worked well as the band wanted to move on with their new sound, playing more powerful tracks. With a new line-up they set to work to record their debut EP ‘Arms of Darkness’ after a year of intensive gigging during 2010. The band is now working on a third album – their story continues...

This track does have an impact on the aural as it launches into an impressing barrage of sound and unleashes a very potent, toxic venom and possesses a superb melodic stance.

Murder In Me
This track goes on the rampage and causes a lot of chaos within its incendiary of powerful rhythms and towering riffs. The keyboards really come into their own here and add that exciting spice to the proceedings.

Another rapacious track with delicious vocal onslaught and a tiny choppy keyboard rhythm that is backed up by a forceful drum beat and impacting riffs. It is one riveting listen and very inventive with a flurry of strings that climb the scales unmercifully.

Point Of No Return
Plundering the ears this holds a deep dark and savage rhythm that is deliciously ‘bedlamic’ and literally explodes with more than just a forceful slap.  The infectious riffs and crazy keyboard add mesmeric qualities to a very provoking track.

Whispers To Shadows
Another superb onslaught can be had here as it races to its climax. Building rhythms amid a torrent of passionate growls it does anything but ‘cradle’ the ears and simply buries them in a fury of unbridled grooves that break the sound barrier.

The squeak in the guitar riffs gives us an insight into what lies ahead – more battering grooves, torturous rhythms, forceful drumming, strong bass, mesmeric keyboard and scathing vocal. The mere hint of a melody adding that something special to a total brutal rampage is nothing less than sensational!

I’ll Watch You Die
Judging by the sounds of this track, dying is something you don’t want to do as the Joyless Jokers epidemic hits with urgency! A towering inferno of caustic rhythms held together with a vibrant keyboard full on melodic prowess and hard bass hooks, it will simply hypnotise as you succumb to its overwhelming intimidation.

Taste Of Victory
The title track is hard edged with a deep resonating feel that is, as you would expect, very abrasive and feeds hungrily on the aural senses. It embraces, but with a punishing fist of malevolence.

OA very highly charged album that strikes unmercifully amid strong melodic keyboards that sit between rapacious riffs and harsh vocal savagery which is eased along superbly with ravenous drum beats and hard bass hooks that in turn blend into a very compelling listen - making it impossible to ignore.
Vocally exciting, Tom’s ability to growl whilst still being comprehensible is an art, although I do love the pig squeals and grunts, but with melodic death metal I think it would take away from its grandeur.
Joyless Jokers have indeed got the balance right here and produced eight excellent tracks that are embracing, extremely melodic and with more than just a few dashes of brutal savagery! Undeniably, snarling, devious and yet has its lingering moments – Now who could ask for more?

  1. Rain
  2. Murder In Me
  3. Scream
  4. Point Of No Return
  5. Whispers To Shadows
  6. Hopeless
  7. I’ll Watch You Die
  8. Taste Of Victory

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Aug 28, 2013

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