John F. Cannibal - Deep Sleep

John F. Cannibal are an obscure grindcore/death metal band who recently released a more updated version of their demo 'Deep Devotion' to 'Deep Sleep.' While most grindcore bands tend to overdo it on the speed and extreme notions of their music by offering endless slabs of nonstop drumming, gritty bass, and vocals that range between gutteral growls and annoying shrieks, John F. Cannibal takes all this and performs it on moderation. Much along the lines of bands like Misery Index, Leng T'che, or even Cryptopsy's former days, the death metal elements are clearer than the grindcore ones, but the album is still extreme enough to knock the socks off anyone who tries to brave it.

One of the best aspects of this band is the bass and vocals, along with the pace. The vocals are mostly the deep growling over the shrieking and it isn't spit like lead bullets at the listener at a hundred miles per hour from a chaingun. No, these are more like slugs from a shotgun that soften one up so the rest of the music can seep in. The bass is gritty and very audible, something that isn't very often in extreme metal, but on a track like "Reproductive Barren Land" the technicality of the music as a whole, along with the bass, is very much appreciated. The drums also have a few excellent moments such as during "Hypersomia" where they begin their ominous introduction before plodding along with the vocals and guitars. This is a good example of decent death/ grindcore: it isn't too fast, and it is also very varied throughout the track just as much as it is extreme. Technicality blows minds much easier than over the top speed.

"The Mighty Mammoth's..." is the oddest track on the album, not only for title, but also formula. John F. Cannibal seemed like they were doing so well with their musical style and then they threw on this track that falls more into generic, senseless spitting grindcore that seems haphazard and out of place. Many of the other tracks have a structure and a sense of purpose; this one, sadly does not. However, despite this, overall Cannibal have shown to become one of the better technical grindcore bands for 2010 since the crushing Dying Fetus.

  1. Disgrace Of Ignoramus
  2. Reproductive Barren Land
  3. Deep Devotion
  4. Plasticizer
  5. Mental Deficiency
  6. Hypersomia
  7. Marsupial
  8. Environmental Noise
  9. The Mighty Mammoth's Eggshell Sun
  10. Cardiac

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jan 7, 2011

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