John 5 - The Devil Knows My Name

Show Up, Stand Up, and get knocked the fuck back down. One hell of ride!!!!! John 5 who plays guitar for legendary shock rocker extrodinare Rob Zombie is back with his 3rd solo record of his carrier. Shining out his impecable skill with his instrument, John shows the world again hes not just a bad ass rock guitar player, hes got alot of everything in him. Including the respect of his peers. Proof is in the guests such as Legendary Eric Johnson, the guy who taught Kirk Hammet (Metallica) how to shred like its nobodies business.. Mr 3G himself.. Joe Satriani.. who can still kick his former students ass any day of the week. Others include the Infamous James Root (Slikpknot/Stone Sour) and fellow Zombie band mates Piggy and Tommy. Reminds me alot of Cacaphony records. Get it if you dig kick ass guitar driven records. John dont need to talk.. the guitar does it for him.

No Seriously it does.

1. First Victim
2. The Werewolf of Westeria
3. 27 Needles
4. Bella Kiss
5. Black Widow of La Porte
6. Welcome To The Jungle (cover Guns N Roses)
7. Harold Rollings Hymn
8. Dead Art in Plainfield
9. Young Thing
10. The Washing Away of Wrong
11. July 31st (The Last Stand)

Mascot Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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