Johansson And Speckmann - Sulphur Skies

The band name suggests familiarity in the name right? This is a band formed with two death metal legends. One prolific death metal machine aka Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Humanity Delete, Those Who Being The Torture, etc…) and Mr Paul Speckmann (Master (US), Death Strike and Abomination etc…) coupled with drummer Brynjar Helgetun who has also spent his time wisely in Ribspreader, The Grotesquery and The Skeletal. You can expect great things from these two gents as this release delivers in rotten flesh eating bucketloads.

You have the same Swedish death metal style that Johansson is accustom to producing but the added bonus is Speckmann’s earth destroying vocal capability matched with a wealth of double bass and d-beats ensuring intensity from this combination of distinguishing death metal sounds. ‘Taste the Iron’ is a slower tracks, its more guttural and wholly effective whilst a speedier track like ‘The World Is Set To Burn’ is more what you would expect actually sounds primitive in vocal terms, but this is really special with added guitar sustain achieved from this tight rhythm section. The master lyricist (pardon the much intended pun!) is still giving you the hot topics, still being more imaginative than purely singing about all things dead and this really adds flavour to this melting pot of musical prowess.

One third is the thundering backbone of the arsenal, another third is one of the most prolific and busy death metal musicians in the business of recent times and the final slice, the meat and potatoes if you will, is arguably one of the creators of this death metal underground scene. The results are expectant, the results are justified, this is a massive death metal release that is simple, to the point and can duly bury all of the modern pretenders in this genre by taking them to school pure and simple.

  1. Everyone Rots
  2. Spiritual Wasteland
  3. Taste The Iron
  4. Sulphur Skies
  5. Rotten Lands
  6. Power And Madness
  7. Vile Stench And Decay
  8. The Wretched Man
  9. The World Is Set To Burn
  10. The Real Victims
  11. Craw For Miles
  12. The Stench Of Mankind