Joel Moncorvo - Muito Alem Do Som

One of the biggest bassoonists of Brazil, Joel Moncorvo throws your album soil called Muito Além do Som. Dynamo Records was the responsible for the release of high quality. Joel Moncorvo is an extremely versatile and talented bassoonist, owner of excellent compositions, besides playing using the fourth finger (thumb). The disk has bassoonist Filipe Andreoli's (Angra / Karma) special participation. A lot besides the Sound it is a great album, the graphic production is excellent, each music comes with an explanatory text on your inspiration source. A disk that mixes the Jazz, Fusion and fantastic grooves. To understand your meaning it is necessary to hear it, hear!

1. Muito Alem do Som
2. Profecia
3. Eletro – Tapping
4. Sonata para Isabela
5. Groove no Parque
6. Alinhamento Cosmico
7. Slap Sax
8. Sem Palavras
9. Entranhas
10. Encontro Prometido
11. Danca das Almas

Dynamo Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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