Job for a Cowboy - Doom

I've heard a lot about this band, they seemed to be on everyone's playlist. I never had the intentions of checking them out, simply because I had no desire or interest. In this case, it was basically handed to me as I checked my mail earlier this morning.

My expectations for this CD were pretty low. Remember me mentioning the playlists? Well these were the playlists that belonged to 14 year old girls who consider Daughters to be the best Grincore band in the past decade. So I prep myself for another mindless Metalcore band with generic Hardcore riffs mixed with Death Metal vocals (or a failed attempt at it) with the more high pitch Grind vocals.
Isn't that amazing? I already knew what the band would sound like before I even listened to them.

I wish I could say Job for a Cowboy was doing something interesting here, but they sound like all their other counterparts at the upcoming "Murder Fest". What's the point of even describing this pointless garbage? If I wanted to listen to fake Grindcore/Death Metal I'd turn on Headbanger's Ball. Apparently the members of this band are still in High School. Lets hope it stays that way. Please, members of Job for a Cowboy, do something better with your lives, become doctors and cure my future hernia, I don't want to listen to your shitty faux already-been-done-before music. Of course, as long as 14 year old girls rome the music scene these goons will still be playing music and be more popular than ever. I hate 14 year old girls.

This is the scenario of how Job for a Cowboy formed: A couple of Hardcore scene kids went to the record store and picked up a Prostitute Disfigurement CD.

What I really find surprising is that King of the Monsters records put this CD out. My daily feces fest sounds better than this. How do they release such great bands such as one of my favorites, Creation is Crucifixion, then release this? Not to mention they released the greats Man is the Bastard, who you should know were on a split with the almight Agathocles.

1. Catharis for the Buried
2. Entombment of a Machine
3. Relinquished
4. Knee Deep
5. The Rising Tide
6. Suspended by the Throat

King of the Monsters Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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