Jig-Ai – Rising Sun Carnage

A boar, a wild boar. No, boars. Gigantic boars. Or not. A whole herd of gigantic wild boars rages at you from the thicket. A moment ago invisible in the darkness of the jungle, but now slowly easier to hear to suddenly pop up and rush over you. Not knowing where to hide. Not even the strongest tree offers protection and you either get carried away and become part oft he herd or you get trampled dead. No chance to escape. It’s a little bit like suicide and this is Jig-Ai’s meaning in english and that’s what I feel when listening to the new record by Jig-Ai, called "Rising Sun Carnage", released in February 2014. With force the songs shoot from the boxes.

This three guys from Prague, makes your stomach grumble. Perfectly recorded and mixed, all in all the bass is just right so that the music doesn’t become too spongy in fast parts and so that there develops an absolute heaviness in slow parts that turns into extreme energy as soon as the grindcore-velocity is taken in again. The songwriting, too, doesn’t leave something to be desired. All in all the songs are varied and recognizable. Repeatedly there are parts where there’s nothing else you can do but go with the flow of the music. Despite the enormously high speed danceable and surely making every pit go crazy.

With this record Jig-Ai are one of the few Porngrind-bands that are able to press really good and interesting music into disc without losing power and force. And normally I don’t like Porngrind, so it’s really an award if I like it. My two favorite songs are the record‘s opener 'Koi Throat Fuck' because it literally breaks over you with infinite force and 'Menstrual Tea Relax' because it is really danceable and full of little interesting ideas that make it recognizable. Whoever likes well made grindcore or even porngrind should not miss this awesome record and get it as fast as possible from the next well sorted Mailorder.

Then you get 22 songs in 39:05 minutes playtime slammed against your head until you don’t know what hit you. And damn visit their concerts to go crazy listening to that shit live. I in any case am looking forward to the next visit from the wild boar herd with its gigantic boars even when I’m running danger to go under below them. No risk no fun.

  1. Koi Throat Fuck
  2. Ikebara Body Parts
  3. Suno Sex Instructor
  4. Menstrual Tea Relax
  5. Ten Seconds In A Cunthole
  6. Rest In Piss
  7. Drowned In Budvar
  8. Human Tofu
  9. Rising Sun Carnage
  10. Shitcuntsen
  11. P.G.S.I.T.S.B.
  12. Yan Zing Butchery
  13. Ass I Jatka
  14. Detestation
  15. Koza Kura
  16. Hard Rock Cafe
  17. Tantou Kimono
  18. Natural Tits Mafia
  19. March Of Jig-Ai
  20. Rice Bombing
  21. Animal Revenge
  22. Ejaculation Complete

Reviewer: Rolf
Oct 12, 2014

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