Jettison Greymatter - Recluse

This EP is the side project of members of the band Caliga and was released 7-10-2006. It's deathcore, very raw with drum machines, not a whole helluva lot of production, but it seems to work. It reminds me of Coal Chamber, very hooky, heavy, it grooves and it's got some tech-metal time signature breaks thrown in for good measure.
The vocals are solid -- did I mention Coal Chamber? well anyhow it's very Dez -- and there is definitely some interesting shit going on with the guitars, though higher-end production would have brought it out more. To sum things up this album sounds a lot like a raw version of Caliga.

Complete release can be downloaded from the Gomek Records site. These downloads include MP3 and art.

1. Photosynthetic Starlight
2. Envy Is Counterproductive
3. Fallen
4. Malcontent
5. Pol Pot
6. Kiss The Wind

Gomek Records
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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