Jesus Ain't In Poland - Freiheit Macht Frei

With such a mad band name, this has to be grindcore band right? Yes, you have it in one, Italian grindcore actually that is leaning towards a more death metal approach on this current release. In general, grind can either be an utter racket of talentless individuals or something that poses some fine chord progressions (let’s face it, you don’t often get finger ripping riffs do you!) and attempts at real songs, J.A.I.P. fall into this category. ‘Pedophaogia’ is the absolute gem on this release, it reminds me of of everything that I want from a death grind track, without the reliance on too many inappropriate, frantic, blast beats. By this I mean the track has substance maintaining both its punk ethic, but also displaying a love for further influences, the best album comparisons would be Napalm Death’s third release, or even some crustiness associated with many-a-band, Remasculate springs to mind, in any case, this is a ripping tune. ‘Shelter Grave’ is nuts, it’s over the top, insanely fast at its start, then the pace slows and again, magical tunes are heard, even though some of the vocal lines get lost. My earlier comment about the lack of over burring riffs is taken a step back, listen hard, listen to the under current, amongst those power chords there are running death metal riffs. ‘Amber the Great’ has you associated with that old school death sound, the bass is really bottom heavy and distorted, it sets an atmosphere, it sets the track up for the blast beat grind madness that follows with a coolness, this is extremely effective. With any grind release, I tend to listen with much more involvement than other genres, this is not music (to me anyway) that can be passed off and classed as background music, it deserves more and J.A.I.P. provide this perfect remedy for such an undertaking.

Jesus may not be in Poland, and judging by the sound of this lot, he would have been deafened and forced to run out of Italy too. Whatever the case may be, the death/grind approach works in this bands favour, subtle moments of madness mix with some fast paced and even some dreary earthy passages of death fronted by a formidable grind ethic. I myself need another half point to give this album justice…if only! The album title roughly translates to “Freedom Makes You Free”, you do indeed feel a sense of freedom after hearing this band, aggression is bled out of your veins, hatred is pummelled out of your mind, that’s what a good grind release should do, and that is what this album does.

  1. Don’t Ask
  2. Lurid Perverted Hypocrites
  3. Pray For The Bugs
  4. The Kingdom
  5. Scarlet Tongues
  6. Mo God Is My Will
  7. Blessed Be
  8. Shelter Grave
  9. Pedophagia
  10. Mother Abscess
  11. Reptile Pigs
  12. The Hole With God Around
  13. Amber The Great
  14. Degeneration Healers
  15. Curse You