Jesters Moon - Jesters Moon

Jesters Moon released this album in 2002 and regarding to the title it is their debut. The band plays hard rock/heavy metal. Tempo of the songs are from mid to up tempo, flashing guitars with nice leads (maybe more?), tempo changes. The only thing I dislike are the main vocals. What is he trying to do? Scream, sing? Hearing his voice after 4 songs it is very hard to listen the whole album and not quit. Musically it is oke but I think I will not play it again often. Pity.

1. The battle
2. Devils eyes
3. No clue
4. What's my name
5. User
6. Amnesia
7. You're onyour own
8. Destination known
9. Man in a glass
10. Backstreets

Man In Black Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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