Jeel - As Morning Turns To Day

Maybe the name JEEL does not ring a bell but when you knwo that the started out as JegErEnLampe you now know where the name comes from. Having their debut "Dying Dreams" I kow what to expect only this album is more mature. Death Metal in an intense and raw energy, mostly mid tempo with 2 fast track (and my favs). Jeel is a band that can climb the stairs in the underground scene. Sure an album to check out!

1. Expand
2. Fly
3. The Time That Kills
4. As Morning Turns To Day
5. Release Madness
6. Evilution
7. Shout
8. Dark Walls
9. It's Like Rust
10. Lest Beyond
11. Trapped
12. What If Tomorrow Never Comes
Immortal Souls Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 18, 2001
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