Javelina - Javelina

Javelina is hailing from Philadelphia and they are releasing their elf titled debut album on Translation Loss Records. This album comes after their start in 2005 by ex-members of Lickgoldensky, Smut and Otophobia/Endless Nightmare.

On "Javelina" you get a massive dose of sludge with heavy dirty riffing guitars. Vocals are dual with a screaming one and one more growling which is giving a good tension and interaction. Tempo of the songs is most in the mid section but Javelina is adding the groove to it or bass picking up tempo.

All together you get a down tuned buzz over you like a blitz of a razorback. But the drawing of the razorback on the cover is a real shitty one.

1. 1000 Pound Man
2. Let The Blood Flow
3. Gored To Death
4. Ghost Pain
5. Asbestos
6. Architect
7. Tyrants
8. Throttled
9. Clergy Of Snakes

Translation Loss Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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