Jasad - Witness Of Perfect Torture

From Indonesia Jasad plays technical death metal but played with brutality. Deep growling vocals, fast drumming and solid guitars. Althought the songs are fast and furious they have a certain groove and melody within. A lot of start/stop breaks in the songs. Originally released as a MCD it now contains 3 demo songs and rerecorded. Good sound an nice artwork. Check them out please.

1. Diamaton
2. Ripping the pregnant
3. Ejaculate on rottrevore
4. The amelia’s revenge
5. Urine campur nanah
6. Belati berkarat
7. Witness of perfect torture
8. Diamaton (demo)
9. Ejaculate on rottrevore (demo)
10. The amelia’s revenge (demo)
Foreverunderground Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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