Jasad - Annihilate The Enemy

Jasad comes from Indonesia and is releasing a new album through a new label. Jasad is a synonime for brutal death metal. Deep gutteral vocals, tight riffing (where are the leads) and bassdrum attacks. The drums on this album are very nice. Very diverse without being nervous. Tempo of the songs are constant high but with plenty of breaks and bridges for creating variation. Annihilate The Enemy is just a fucking brutal that fits in your collection perfectly!!

1. Raking The Weak
2. Dismember Pleasing
3. Binasakan Benih Bidadari
4. Getih Jang Getih
5. Annihilate The Enemy
6. FFF
7. Jemput Ajal, Cari Mati
8. Pathetic Unidentified Obsession
9. Rotten Body Fluids (cover Embalmer)
10. Bless My Wrath
Sevared Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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