Japanische Kampfhorspiele - Rauchen Und Yoga

Essen Germany kicks out some of the craziest shit ever. Hell-It's the birth place of one of the greatest metal bands ever. Kreator! Well-here comes something crazier-Japanische Kampfhorspiele! This is a group that you can not catagorize. Many different styles and influences run wild in each song. But their bad ass non the less. This is a release of Monu-metal proportions! Its heavy enough for the die hard death and grindcore fans, and easy enough to swallow for the new comer who finally realizes that Creed has no talent at all! 2 singers, guitars heavier than -a-really heavy thing, stellar drumming. Insane time signatures, neck break change ups-one minute there punk, the next they are flooring mincecore. The only way I can describe this band is-take 1 member from each of the following bands-Cephalic Carnage, Gorerotted, Fantomas, Machine Head, Agnostic Front and Gwar. Now through them together and let them do what ever the fuck they want. Killer fucking record, spontanious, energetic, and flat out doesn't leave you hanging! Brutal!

1. Der Angriff Startet
2. Der Hund Kriegt Nichts
3. Eruiert
4. Wir Haben Nicht Gewusst, Dass Es Solche Lager Gibt
5. Kundenbetreuer
6. Punkerpolente
7. Hungerhilfe
8. Steig Aus
9. Das Experiment
10. Betatier
11. Komm, Wir Drehen Einen Porno
12. Leute Ohne Lust
13. 18:46:53
14. Erfolgt Verdammt
15. Rauchen Und Yoga
16. Boses Blut
17. Verrat Am Metal

Bastardized Recordings
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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