Japanische Kampfhorspiele - Kaputte Nackte Affen

Japanische Kampfhorspiele may have split up, but their last release left quite an impression upon grindcore fans. It throws away almost all the conventional ideas of grindcore and instead forges a new style that is perhaps much better than what most people would consider grindcore today. For one, Japanische have been known for adding a lot of melody and groove rhythm to their brief, but intense tracks. Try listening to the title track and who could deny there is an excellent ryhthm in the riffs along with a great dose of technical work when it comes to the guitars. Vocally, they are a hit and a miss. The deeper vocals are powerful and convey the expecations of grindcore, but the higher pitched vocals, which almost seem to rap at time, may take a while to get used to. They often come off as more annoying than anything else.

'Kaputte Nackte Affen' also makes a lot of use of samples to help convey the political themes behind the lyrics. Sometimes they are just used to introduce or fill a track such as on "Bravohotelcrazyhorse" right before the death metal/ grindcore parts, and sometimes they actually are used to a remixed industrial effect such as on "Alter Trick." This effect isn't used often, but when it hits it really leaves a lasting impression and adds a ton of groove to make the music extremely catchy. Normally grindcore would just obliterate without pauses or much regard for rhythm, but Japanische are much more clever than that. Sometimes though they will try to sate old school grindcore fans with a track like "Der Homo Sapiens" which is gritty, crushing, and filthy. On the other hand, it is very slow and chugs along rather than features the machine gun fire drums that grindcore usually uses. But, by this point, fans will probably have figured that Japanische are anything but ordinary grindcore.

If there is aything that 'Kaputte...' does to adhere to the usual grindcore standard, it is that the album will go by fast. Many tracks are less than three minutes and there are about eighteen of them, so listeners are going to feel like the album is jumping all over the place with the different tracks going by so fast. Still, it makes for a quite an entertaining, if not haphazard, listen for those who want to see the band's (final?) output, or for those who are just hearing them for the first time. The only downside would be the higher vocals, but even they are use to an entertaining effect with how fast they deliver, compared to the deeper vocals that usually just grunt along. This could very well be a whole new level of what grindcore is meant to sound like, so one shouldn't pass it up, out of respect to Japanische Kampfhorspiele and innovation itself.

  1. Die Krone der Schöpfung
  2. Kaputte Nackte Affen
  3. Alter Trick
  4. Grillanzünder
  5. Was Wenn?
  6. Cruise Missile
  7. Maschinen Sprengen
  8. Homeentertainment
  9. Mach Dich Fit Für Den Bikini
  10. Statuspanik
  11. Reset
  12. Ich Kriege Ärger
  13. Primaten
  14. Der Homo Sapiens
  15. Bravohotelcrazyhorse
  16. Ein Blutiger Vormittag
  17. Näschen Aus Papier
  18. Wenn Die Menschen Einmal Nicht Mehr Sind

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Mar 31, 2011

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