Jacob's Dream - Drama Of The Ages

Second full length from Jacob's Dream (U.S.A.), playing classical metal with a dry massive leather sound. Solid melodic riffs that sound familiar but played in a very laid back way. Songs are straightforward with not too many tempo changes and epical themes are created by backing keyboards and the use of different vocal techniques. Due to dry production and mostly cliche riffs it's not a kick in the face immediately but still a decent metal release ......

1. Drama of the ages
2. Keeper of the crown
3. Spinning leaf
4. Stand or fall
5. Tempest
6. Third way
7. Forever winter
8. Drowning man
9. Deceiver of the nations
10. Cutting words
11. Victory
12. At the gates

Metal Blade Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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