Iron Kingdom - Curse Of The Voodoo Queen

Heralding traditional or “true” metal and straight out of Canada is Iron Kingdom. The artwork and promo shots give you a true idea of what this band will be like, but as I am about to press play, I am sceptical. But man, after this gets going, there are none of those sceptical thoughts what so ever. ‘Voodoo Queen’ has some really memorable hooks and vocally, Chris Osterman kind of treads a fine line between Manilla Road and some of the really epic screamers in the business. All of the high notes are fulfilling and sound rather good, there is no loss of power in the higher register as I have found with many singers trying to emulate this style of vocal. As for my comment in regards Manilla Road, it is due to the slight nasal approach and execution.

‘Legions of Metal’ is a massive sing along metal marathon, there’s some pretty cool stuff on offer, and the arrangements sound like a band whom have been at this game for some considerable time. One of the aces on the pack is the 13 minute epic ‘Montezuma’ that in itself has many Maiden-isms and a nod to the aforementioned epic metallers. The twists and turns with the time signature and style changes brings to mind standing in owe at a festival watching such a band, you simply want to bang your head and clap, raise your fists, yes, it gets a little infectious. ’The Heretic’ continues the metal storyboard that is played out on this release. Lyrically you are revelled in true metal fantasy that you should know and love, all in all, this is a competent metal release.

The production sounds a little thin on certain sounds systems; however, that does not disgruntle my admiration for this release. There is a youthful exuberance on show and it does actually work, some of the music is tried and tested but this does make you feel like you are part of a special metal family. Iron Kingdom are certainly worth listening too and giving some support too, I would imagine that in the non-too distant future more of these epic traditional metal tunes will come out of the woodwork, and for that reason I reserve my rating to see what sort of progress is made, but as it is now, ‘Curse of the Voodoo Queen’ will certainly be a respectful addition to your metal collection.

  1. The Ritual (instrumental)
  2. Voodoo Queen
  3. Legions Of Metal
  4. Unleash The Kraken
  5. The Heretic
  6. From The Ashes
  7. Fired Up
  8. The Nightrider
  9. Lord Of The Twilight
  10. Montezuma

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 23, 2012

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