Insistent - Disease

Grindcore has always been fast, angry and brutal, it is safe to say that Insistent do not break this trend with their newest album "Disease". Insistent are of course a grindcore band from Prague, Czech Republic. Keeping with the grindcore tradition of fast paced riffs and brutality.

"Disease" is the most recent entry into Insistent's catalogue and it definitely holds up there as a legendary grindcore album. Sounding almost like brutal death metal or even goregrind in areas.

The album starts off with the track 'Eyewashed' which is just classic grind with the major speed filled tempo and popeye shouting lyrics. A huge factor behind this song and also the rest of the album is the drumming as the drummer near carries some of the songs with his immense speed and the classic biscuit tin snare in areas. If you are a fan of bands like Pig Destroyer and Cum Beast then I guarantee you will enjoy this album.

The title track 'Disease' is possibly the closest song on the album to what I would consider goregrind with a few breakdowns thrown in to add funky elements and distinguish the song from the rest of the album whilst still maintaining the heavy grindcore element.

Obviously grindcore is not for everyone as it is such a gut punching genre but I personally believe for fans of death metal that are looking to get into the genre this os my top suggestion. As it has all the elements and mixes in elements of death and brutal death into the album.

The vocals are intense sounding like a demon shouting at you, they don't ever faulter keeping the heavy elements and using two different vocal styles to vary the songs. These styles being the low gutturals and shouting which offer a unique element to the music differentiating Insistent from others in the genre.

There are little to no negatives with the album as you can listen to it beginning to end without getting bored as it keeps hitting you with something new in each song adding more and more elements of brutality

All in all this in my opinion is a perfect grindcore album and if you are a fan of grindcore you need this one and I will be following Insistent in the hope they one day tour near me

5 / 5 STARS

1. Eyewashed
2. Last Farewell
3. Disease
4. Bad Blood
5. Werewolves
6. Parasite
7. Shredder
8. Friendly Fire
9. Traitor
10. To The Ground
11. Why?
12. Lords Of Chaos
13. Wolf Cult