Insaniam - Ominous Era

The Spanish sickest team Insaniam released some months ago their second album "Ominous Era", another symposium of insane black/death metal. Their previous album "Neurotic Mental Storm" got very good reviews, so the expectation was high for their second work, and the band has confirmed as one of the vanguard of black/death metal in Spain. Maybe someone doubted because of the masks, but I say you have to try, don't prejudice, this is a complete conception of metal and art, image and music, in the same dark path, it is not only image, it is terror and madness in all its forms, of course music too. The band started in 2013, and they have only a line up change this year, after the release of this album. They are: Neuros (vocals), Theryan (drums), Anxxiet (guitars), Psycho (bass), Vacuous (guitars), ex member Dementh (guitars). Have played many shows with several bands in Spain, first place in Bilborock competition (2016), and they are ready to jump over Europe, promoters are you ready?

Well, it is time to talk about the music. 'Disequilibrium' is the opening track, starting with drums and after a hypnotic guitar, in a minute all band starts playing, you can hear some influences, from Cradle Of Filth to Behemoth or Dimmu Borgir, after some keys all ends as started.

'Let The Fever Explode' is one of the blacker songs, with a Cradle Of Filth vein, although they contribute their insane part of Insaniam, some melodic and desperate parts, one of the best tracks.

'Epidemic Race' a hypnotic guitar starts and the dark chords and bass catch you, with quiet parts and a great solo. 'Primal Fear' is one of the tracks (video search on YouTube), is a journey to sickness, with a disturbing atmosphere, like in a horror movie. 'Chrysalis', an instrumental track, is like an intro to the next 'The Reign Of Mist', an aggressive song with technical parts, a quick spiral towards madness, with some pause to meditate your mental state. 'Mother Whispers In My Ear' a song with parts of fury and the excellent solo with progressive parts that can listen to it again later.

'Vermin' a track where the progressive dyes reappear, without losing the venomous feel. Of course great work on guitars with solos, and the dark passages where we are. 'Moths' is an instrumental line of sounds, industrial meeting in a dark room. 'Flesh That Fuels' starts with powerfull bass, always present in the first line in whole album, and the wrath is open, contrasting with the progressive part that follows, showing many influences of this band, with the sick voice of Neuros cursing all.

'NNN', the last song, enigmatic, melancholic, and the most progressive song of the album, an avant garde journey. With fast and hard parts, some epic vein, in others songs also this is heard, and a little wait of time to listen to an outro, a psychiatric chaos of screams of madness, an excellent album closing.

This is what is inside this CD, totally recommended for lovers of extreme music made with sense, good taste. Outstanding musicians and vocalist. A high quality production no doubt. The artwork is from Enrique Valiente, an spanish artist who has collaborated with the band since its inception, the look concept for example. The work was released by the band in January of 2018 but listen to them and get your copy, you will like it.

  1. Disequilibrium
  2. Let The Fever Explode
  3. Epidemic Race
  4. Primal Fear
  5. Chrysalis
  6. The Reign Of Mist
  7. Mother Whispers In My Ear
  8. Vermin
  9. Moths
  10. Flesh That Fuels
  11. NNN


Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 11, 2018

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