Infalling - Path Of Destruction

Infalling consist of five musicians coming from a wide array of musical backgrounds, and formed in 2011 - ranging from hard core, jazz, prog-rock to rap and of course metal. Infalling blends together to form a bond between different types of genres Tony Balante (A Few Askew, Stresslord) applies dynamic vocals, Justin Endres (Odious Sanction, Pale Creation, Stresslord, Law of Destruction) implements brutal riffing, Eric Frabotta (Inhumation, Stresslord) produces explosive percussion, Ben Smith pulverises the bass strings and Dave Martin implements savage frets

The album cover depicts a statue on a heap of rubble under a cloud ridden sky and literally in keeping with what is contained inside the CD as it is skull-splitting and yet breathtakingly reflective and the title tracks tell a story all their own – the artwork is very cleverly put together by “Ruin” and created by Hal Rotter of Rotting Graphics.

Dark and unforgiving in approach with resonating guitar and sampled voices amid a shrill guitar sound that is a very interesting and intriguing instrumental.

Fast foot work and immense vocal content that is really face-melting incorporating fantastic sharp rhythms and striking guitar riffs – highly mesmerising and makes sure if nothing else that this E.P. is worth listening to.

Pain breeds Fury
A fast, furious and compelling track with kick beats and hateful but engaging vocals with occasional slow-downs and well balanced with superb build ups. This will pull you into its creative rhythms and the fret work can only be described as awe-inspiring.

The sound of a siren begins and then an onslaught of indulging blast beats and crushing powerful guitar with a chanting scourging vocal begins and very brutal to the extreme incorporating a good melody further on in the track that simply adds to the spell-binding addictive style of Infalling very nicely.

Absolutely ear bending lavish guitar which is executed so beautifully, with its crisp sound so deftly carved into creating such an amazing piece of music. The sophistication of this track alone is just truly superb. Very different to the four previous tracks even though it is an instrumental and you can’t bang your head to it but it possesses a beautiful classical overtone that you simply can’t ignore and despite loving the extreme side to metal I find myself hitting the repeat to re-live the beauty of this track over and over again! Everything else just pales into insignificance! Epic!

A beautifully executed and produced E.P. with a lot of (nice) surprises from downright brutal to downright beautiful, there is nothing lacking with each track offering something good to listen to and enjoy. The guys have really put together something special here and are brilliant musicians to boot showing they have a diverse side not only sophisticated but aggressive and mixing the two works.

This is an incredible listen – everyone should hear this and they can start by clicking on the link above - but for me owning this CD is something much more special – I love every riff, beat, and rhythm contained on it – it is perfection and shows a very high degree of exciting and tremendous music that has plenty to offer the listener.

Path Of Destruction showcases the bands art to a very high standard. Don’t you dare by-pass this incredible E.P. or you will miss out on a truly immense listen.


1. Genesis
2. Forthcoming
3. Pain Breeds Fury
4. Nonexistent
5. Revelations

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Mar 6, 2013

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