Imperium - Titanomachy

Imperium plays a high speed brand of technical death metal. With frenetic riffage, and a high energy display of guttural vocals and screams, Imperium are stepping up to a new level on their second, full length release ‘Titanomachy’. With the bands signature ‘middle eastern’ flavour now cemented into their sound, the chance to let the flurry of unrelenting blast beats and virtuoso guitar leads shine has come!”

Formed in 2011 and from the Bristol area are this boisterous death metal army that are just two man strong. Mike Alexander on Guitars and Doug Anderson on Vocals.  It beggars belief really, that these two guys could make a sound as lethal as this, but it is here for all to bear witness to.

With the bands lyrics stemming from Greek mythos, and ancient Roman history it is clear we have an epic journey ahead of us.

With the short intro Othrys wailing and hypnotic drum beat from a middle eastern texture, to a ‘slaughterous’ affair now safely tucked under our belts, the next track Castrate the Father of the Sky begins with its eager attempt to massacre the ears and exceed the sound barrier. The familiar low toned growling surges with aggression amid a total battering of blast beats. The general consensus here is that Beast from Beneath is the favourite track by many, and hardly surprising as it shows a deep rebellion and low gruff growling that would get anyone’s blood coursing ferociously through the veins. Descend Abysmal Void welcomes the listener to engage in a robust and enjoyable enterprise that snarls with utter contempt. Ingurgitate the Traitor has that air of eerie sinister about it as it glides effortlessly from the speakers and brings chills along the backbone. However, soon after, turning suddenly malignant and fiery it packs a punch right to the jaw bone and boy is this going to hurt! As it skims into an unstoppable rage the guitar thunderously spews forth a powerful intervention. Into the Abode of the Dead actually messes with the mind as a serious set of riffs present themselves with a cleaner more sophisticated edge but a short filler track of just 59 seconds. The Unseen One gets back to business and throws out a compelling urgency of screams that converge on the ears with imposing familiarity – yes we have all been here before, us death metal fans! As it festers and snarls it is clear to hear the depth and very nature of the track as all-consuming! Skies that bear Thunder is a torrent of abuse that bare’s witness to savage frets and a very unholy vocal that seems to enjoy in relishing gluttony. Phlegethon Rising plays host to a particular zest for life in a death metal kind of way, if you get my meaning? It is hardly dead! With steps taken to beat the living hell out of their musical playground and leave only ashes in their wake! Minos doesn’t take any pity on the ears either, as you would expect. The savage growls come thick and fast and perpetuate the moment! Eclipsed by a deadly onslaught of blast beats and guitar that is equally matched in aggression. Neither like Gods nor Men lulls you into a false sense of security as it appears to start of slow but yet explodes into the realisation that Imperium don’t do slow and once again offer a scintillating and rampageous attack that can be felt all along the vertebrate. Titanomachy is the title track to this mega beast of an album and bears witness to thunderous pounding and guttural snarls that bite with vehement ferocity.

There is no getting away from the mega tons of brutalism that bears testimony to this fierce and prolonged attack on the audial cavities. It firmly plants its roaring and striking assault with a grand melodic gesture – yes death metal can be melodic too! The skilful endeavour of frets blend into the landscape along with some superb resounding blast beats, painting a very colourful picture indeed!

The potent layers of musical scope are unmerciful and solder everything together giving the listener so much to feast on. It teases and torments, twisting and turning into one magnificent album that warrants serious attention!

Yes it’s still staggering to think that all this has come together from the hands and minds of indeed, two men!

  1. Othrys
  2. Castrate The Father Of The Sky
  3. Beast From Beneath
  4. Descend Abysmal Void
  5. Ingurgitate The Traitor
  6. Into The Abode Of The Dead
  7. The Unseen One
  8. Skies That Bear Thunder
  9. Phlegethon Rising
  10. Minos
  11. Neither Like Gods Nor Men
  12. Titanomachy

Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Jul 1, 2016

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