Imperial Conquest - Omnipotence

Imperial Conquest was originally founded in Puerto Rico from the friendship of Lord Tartarus (Tortura) and Titannus (Perpetual) when their respective bands dissolved. They relocated to Tampa (florida) and lead guitarist Melkor, bassist Lokus and drummer Baator were brought into the band. Together they wrote and recorded an EP named “The Victorious Arise”. Locally they gathered a fanbase and ready to expand. In 2010 they got a new drummer in the form of Cerberus aka Maddog from Dark Disciple.

In this new line up they start playing shows and working on their debut full length "Omnipotence", which will be released very soon. Lyrically it deal with a fantasy/sci-fi theme of a conqueror that, no longer being content with ruling just this world, ascends to a higher state of thought and existence, thus reaching a state of omnipotence. This character appeared for the first time on “The Victorious Arise” and you can also see him sitting on his throne on the cover artwork, which is made by Titannus.

For me it is the first time I hear the band. Not really as I heard some videos on YouTube but the sound wasn't that good. But now I got the files the day after they were finished in the studio. How fast do you want it...

The album starts with a short intro based on a kind of opera excerpt before the real first tracks rages in. Hyper fast drumming with wild shredding that flows into a mid paced part where the lyrics begin to tell the story. Twin guitars that pour out addictive melodies. These kind of melodies are a key on "Omnipotence" and soon you will start humming them as if you are playing the riffs yourself. And having a lead guitarist in the band he is obliged to created sharp and nasty leads. Not every song has one but enough throughout the album. And the opening seconds of the title track are done by accoustic guitar. Surprise... a piano interlude is used in the closing track, this gives a nice twist to the brutality.
With the lyrical theme wrapped in a story there is a lot to tell ofcourse. I hope they print the lyrics in the booklet so you can follow the story. Vocal style is from narrating to rasping singing which is good and fits the music but a bit on the same tone level. So he could do more tone variation in his singing, like growling or high shrieking to add another depth to his style. The Spanish passage should be a good one.
And now having a drummer who played brutal death metal you are assured that the base, together with the bass lines, is solid, heavy and blasting. Double bass is kicking the light out of the stars and the drum patterns are frequently changed.

"Omnipotence" is, with a duration of 34 minutes, a black metal story with catchy and melodic hooks, freaky twists and a nice balance between blasts and slower passages. I have been playing this album the whole day now and still it sounds attractive. A very nice step for Imperial Conquest and hope their conquerer will sit on his throne a long time.

1. Intro
2. Where The Portals Intertwine
3. Consuming The Will Of Infinity
4. Monumental Ascension
5. Omnipotence
6. Burn Their Flesh, Feed The Damned With The Ashes
7. Reclaiming The Throne Of The Usurper

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 27, 2010

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