Ichor - The Siege

Trier is the oldest city in Germany and one of the youngest band there must be Ichor. A quintet that was founded in April 2008 by members who have been playing in other local bands before. There ambition was to make pure death metal with technical, melodic and modern elements. But we call it deathcore.

When you see the band photo, you see the vocalist with pretty muscled arms and that is representative for their music. The ten tracks on this album are strong and tight and straight in your face. The majority of the structures in the songs are brute with fast drums and aggressive riffing. On top of that the raw grunty vocals with a screamer as a runner up. But it is not all brutality what you hear. The guitars can also come up with melodic harmonies and nice leads. They sure are capable with their guitars. While the mid parts are more melodic with a groove or mosh parts.

With "The Siege" they have not won but they made an album that is not bad and I want to hear more of them in the future. Ichor switch between brutal and groovy with a great focus on the guitars but more leads would be welcome for me. But give Ichor a try if you want your death metal with a modern element.

1. Suffocate In Ecstasy
2. Beyond The Black Gates
3. Man Without A Face
4. Cut Off Their Limbs
5. Arrival
6. The Siege
7. A Tiny Flavour Of Hatred
8. Caught In A Deathmachine
9. Hypocrisy
10. This Is My Will To Kill

Bastardized Recordings
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 1, 2010

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