Hybrid - Angst

Hybrid's "Angst" is, well it's quite interesting. With 7 tracks clocking in at a little less than 35 minutes, this CD is a dizzying array of influences and different metal genres that won't appeal to every metal fan out there. Nope, you REALLY need to have an open mind here. Some will find this as interesting as I did while others will be annoyed as hell. It's nice to see bands pushing the envelope while still keeping true to the art of metal, but this might just be the band that does it on such a ridiculous level that it can't be topped. Rest assured that this is pure metal 100%, however certain aspects of this CD do cross the line from which there is no return and THAT is what makes this band so interesting. On each of the 7 tracks there is no possible way you can tell where the band is trying to go. You can only put this in the stereo and enjoy the ride.

One thing that I am pretty sure will annoy most metal fiends out there is the borderline emo/screamo vocals that start this CD out. Mind you they aren't like that through the whole album. In fact there are a couple different vocal patterns throughout but using this type of vocal to start off an album and plaguing the album at different points with this annoyance is a damn good way to throw off potential fans. Don't get me wrong, I know a band needs to make music that is true to their heart and in knowing this you can't please all your fans all the time. I am just stating fact as to what will throw off listeners and possibly even turn some metal fans away from this. As for me I am pretty open to the screams on this CD as it really does seem to fit with all the other aspects of the music presented here. And, speaking of the music, these guys really broaden the horizons and incorporate so much into this release. Using influences ranging from grind, brutal death metal, thrash and progressive they also throw in a bit of jazz-fusion into a couple tracks and it really works. For instance, they can go from a hellacious blast beat with screams from the depths to something so drastically soft with a touch of Saxophone for good measure. On top of that you mix in a nice little acoustic vibe in certain parts of these tracks and it feels like this band is trying to pull your brain in 2 different directions. It's almost like each individual track can be divided into chapters, based on the time changes and the different musical elements used here. I don't think the band orchestrates these things to just get attention. In my opinion the band have developed an abstract depth never heard of before in metal and it's this abstract depth that makes these guys musical artists of the highest degree It's almost as if Cynic and Origin got together and had a child and named it Hybrid. Other influences include, Tidfall, Subterranean Masquerade and Zyklon. This is very innovative and thought provoking and these guys are prepared and well equipped to break down any walls or barriers that might lay in their path to metal greatness. I must be honest though, when I first listened to this cd i did not like it very much but after listening to it a number of times I can say that I very much appreciate the effort put forth here and look forward to future releases by this band.

I will repeat now that you MUST have an open mind when listening to this CD as it will not appeal to every metal fan out there. With that being said, this album IS for those who are tired of bands playing the same rehashed bullshit over and over again. If you want something fresh and new then you might choose to broaded your horizons with this CD. It is really nice to see a band bring so much together and in doing so taking that risk to take metal to the next level. Hybrid are here to change the course of things and pull the art of metal out of the stagnant state that it has become.


  1. Flesh Fusion Threshold
  2. Enter The Void
  3. Collapse To None
  4. Self-Implosion
  5. Cuando El Destino Alcance
  6. Angst Ridden Inertia
  7. Doomed To Failure