Hurtlocker - Embrace The Fall

How does it feel to put your tongue in a locker and close it real hard? Yes that hurts. So combine these two together and you get Hurtlocker. Does this makes sense? Don't think so but I thought it would be nice to begin with about this Chicago based band Hurtlocker. "Embrace The Fall" is their second album and contains 10 tracks of hyper energetic thrashcore metal. Every note is played with severe pain as you can hear in the throat rasping vocals, sharkteeth riffs and the galopping drums. This is fucked up metal as it blast and blast with minor break downs and after it breaks your nerves you get a lot of energy and yes you can rule the world.

1. I Am Napalm
2. They
3. At Last
4. Let Them Die
5. Disgust
6. Outside Are The Dogs
7. Release Of Sin
8. Destryoing Bliss
9. Deserving
10. Embrace The Fall

Napalm Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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