Humangled - Odd Ethics

This barely known Italian death metal band has been in existence since 1996, but didn't start putting out material till 2007 and a full-length in 2010. This EP is only about 15 minutes in length, however, it's an amazing onslaught of pure powerful crunch tone destruction (guitar wise). There are no leads here, just rhythm guitar riffs that are very well put together and catchy. On the vocal department, they mix hoarse vox in combination with some mild screams. It fits well with the music.

There are 5 members in this band and I think that if they keep putting out music like they have been, I believe that they're going to be highly successful. Their abilities to play some original guitar riffs with a slight groove base to them then they're going to go onto something bigger I think. What I always look for in metal are the guitars and production quality. Here there's a combination of like I said original guitar work alongside a solid production. The overall sound of the EP has a mild echo to it. Everything is mixed well and it's good that there were no solos.

I think that for the most part, this EP is a demonstration of how death metal should be played. Guitars playing fast but the drums contain no blast beating that with some bands can be boring. Odd Ethics is a demonstration of sheer talent from a musical perspective. These members dish out riffs that are well played out and original. It sounds like they tune down to maybe B-tuning. It's really heavy guitar but definitely memorable and entirely innovative.

The vocals sounded good with the combination of throat not just low bellowing monotonous voice, but a mixture of 2 tones. I liked the guitar riffs the most because as I previously stated they were original and featured tremolo picked overtures combined with slower variations. The production made this EP totally awesome. Everything is in unison and nothing drowns out the music, vocals or drums. All was entirely well mixed.

If you haven't ever heard of Humangled and you're a death metal fan, I'd recommend that you pick up this EP! It's so awesome you won't be disappointed. Don't expect something really fast though, expect variety in songwriting. Hopefully in time this band will put out another full-length CD, but for now be sure to enjoy for what's in store for you during the time you listen to this EP. It's brilliant, original, innovative, well produced and overall a fine addition to your death metal collection!


  1. Needles Of The Blind
  2. Skinned, To Feel All
  3. Smells Acrid
  4. Deny Your Creed

Reviewer: Death8699
Aug 26, 2012

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