Human Vivisection - The Perpetual Gap

'The Perpetual Gap' is a brutish debut album fuelled with modern death metal and slam elements but permanently structured by a deathcore backbone. Having been lucky enough to catch these Belgium heavyweights live in the UK recently, I am aware of their destructive live presence, and trust me when I say they're even more badass live than on CD.

Whilst the album's productive side lacks a little, the tracks within do not disappoint. Slam and core is one of my favourite mixes of genres, and Human Vivisection pull off this sound so well that I may have found a new favourite band in my horizons. 'The Transmutation Programme' is the album's debut offering, and rightly so as it becomes one of the more memorable songs on it.  Lyrically It's kinda catchy, and instrumentals are groovy as slam comes, and that's what you need to keep your head bopping along to the brutality it captivates.

The album offers both breakdowns and slam riffs throughout, and only die hards of either genres will probably distinguish between the two. This is often a confusing and argumentative matter among the big world of the interweb, but readers come forth - there IS a difference, and Human Vivisection are brilliant at using both elements.

'From Blaspheme To Viscera' is one my more favourable tracks, the vocal range is a little more interesting, especially the guttural-type vocals you often get with the more brutal death metal bands, and this adds to the diversity on the album. The vocals on the album are mostly the same style throughout and it's difficult to explain them but there's a tinge of almost a robotic like atmosphere to them, an edit during the production that defines the band's sound more unique. I dig this technique but you wouldn't notice a difference when watching the band perform live.  Another favourite of mine is 'Consumed By The 4th Dimension' - again the vocals are stand-out, breaching brutality rules with screech-like robotic pig squealing which sounds terrifying, in a good way of course!

The album is short lasted, but keeps the listener interested throughout. It's combination of extreme metal genres is a key reason why this album truly kicks ass because the nail is hit on the head in terms of what direction the band are planning. At times you'll notice their Cannibal Corpse influences, others you'll notice All Shall Perish, not to mention the many slam components. 'The Perpetual Gap' will be one of the more, unfortunately hidden gems released this year, that I urge any reader to go listen to and bop your fucking head.

  1. The Enigma Of Subsistence
  2. Age Of Disgust
  3. The Perpetual Gap
  4. The Transmutation Program
  5. Feed The Warmachine
  6. From Blaspheme To Viscera
  7. Birth Of A Defective Race
  8. Consumed By The 4th Dimension
  9. Indulging In The Downfall
  10. Creation Of The Spiritual Machines
  11. The Inevitable Confine Of Existence