Human Humus – The Obligatory Struggle

This is the second album by Slovakian band Human Humus and whilst I am not familiar with the band generally I can tell you that they have one full length, an EP and a demo out from what I can tell in my research. The bands sophomore starts with the rather wispy and timid piece titled “Bureaucratic Poetry” and initially you’d be thinking that the whole release at nearly 22 minutes is going to be like it as the tune is very laid back, inauspicious with a calm like approach and a pulsing bass riff. However, the track acts as a lead off and 'World Peace The Third' rolls from the speakers on a drum fill then detonates into life with a scraping riff and blast beat. 'The Other Side Of Freedom' continues the sonic annihilation with a frenetic blasting and some truly throat scraping vocals alongside a very cool bass riff break. 'The Executors (Of Unquestionable Authority)' has a death metal feel on the riff as the vocals have varied tones and the pace is kept low right before it explodes.

It is good to hear a grindcore album that sticks to the roots of the genre and doesn’t add sub-genre dilution but maintains the credentials with good catchy riffs but has an explosive edge like on 'Victimless Crime' and the absolutely pulverising 'Consumers Rendez-Vous'. There is a slight Terrorizer feel to the song especially with the bass work which is dominant in the mix as the vocals have a terrifying delivery. Contrasting heavily is 'Violence Priest' which has a mid-tempo style bearing a hardcore slant leaving only 'Alarm' to finish you off and is the longest song of the album at nearly five minutes. The song has an industrial leaning initially before shifting to a slower sludge like riff with which it alternates with, as the vocals have that grating style, sharp throat tearing intensity amid the chunky guitar riffing. Personally I would have preferred another three straight up grind tracks but the song is interesting in itself but the substance of this album lies in its grindcore songs which are top rate and worth checking out by fans of the genre who like Magrudergrind, Gadget, Kill The Client, I’m sure you get the picture.

  1. Bureaucratic Poetry
  2. World Peace The Third
  3. The Other Side Of Freedom
  4. Searching For Lies
  5. The Executors (Of Unquestionable Authority)
  6. Soul Plague
  7. Victimless Crime
  8. Bounce About (Yourself)
  9. Consumers Rendez-Vous
  10. Violence Priest
  11. Alarm