Human Bodies - No Life

Human Bodies hails out of Boston, Massachusetts and brings us their first full length, entitled, “No Life.“ This release is limited to only two hundred cassettes on Caligari Records. This is twelve minutes of the most short and sweet this side of the East Coast you’ll ever get.

Ruthless… just straight up ruthless. The whole record that is…. From beginning to end this album grinds your face into the pavement and holds the back of your neck so you can’t look away. Vocals that sound as if they were recorded in some abandoned house. Tapestries stripped from the walls, burnt remains hear and there, and yet a man expelling his cathartic self in the midst of all the rubble. Songs flow back and forth from crust d-beat to black metal effortlessly. This reminds me of Craft because of the overall gritty-ness to the tone and the way the guitarist ends some of his runs. It also reminds me of Young And In The Way or The Secret because of how raw and in your face it is. The riffs just keep churning out like this driving force of unrelenting perseverance.

The overall approach is super raw and gritty but all the instruments are super crisp and the song writing is quite amazing.  In these twelve minutes they’ve created multiple avenues of style that they could easily expand on in future records. That in itself is exciting when you think about it while listening to “No Life.” Keep an eye on these guys for future releases and if their coming to a city near you. Easily one of the newest crushing bands out right now.

  1. Oxblood
  2. Covenant
  3. Scapegoat
  4. Harlot
  5. Bellicose Throngs
  6. Exhibitionist