Hulda - Always Haunted

Hulda is a band from the States featuring two Aussies, including the female vocalist Lydia. According the sticker they are familiair like Evanescene or Lacuna Coil but Hulda is not sound gothic at all. They play more of 80s new wave styled rock. A slight comparisson between Blondie is something I think would be fair. Although they don't play that punky but both from NY, Lydia is also blond and sings a bit like Deborah Harry did. But Hulda is not punk but solid rock. Up tempo songs with chorusses that want you to sing along with and although you can't read the lyrics you know them right-away. Also nice are the solos which give a sleezy edge to the music.

With "Always Haunted" Hulda came up with their 2nd album that contains music to be heard on stage in a sweaty venue together with some beers.

1. Everything's Black
2. Lost in the Night
3. Broken Hearted
4. Blame the Devil
5. Wicked all around
6. Green River
7. Always Haunted
8. Dark Flower
9. The Dream goes on
10. Someone to Believe in

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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