Houwitser - Bestial Atrocity

Here we have Houwitser who are a death metal band that hail from the Netherlands and Bestial Atrocity is their fifth full length proper.  You need to bear in mind that with ex-members of fellow Netherlands band Sinister, this album should well be a lesson in old school brutality.  These guys are never going to claim to be "BrOOtal", and there will not be a pair of skinny jeans or a flock of seagulls haircut in sight.  These guys are firmly rooted in the old school - expect a tight, but not over polished performance that maintains the raw nature of the music in tact.  There are guest vocals from Kam Lee (Sledgehammer Redemption) and Mike Van Mastrigt (Shredded to Pieces) which only serve to keep the old school credentials in evidence.

The album is well played and the performances are tight, if pushed, the only gripe sound wise would be the production of the drums as they are not as punishing as it could be.  Thats purely on a sonic level and not at all aimed at the playing. As I have stated, this is pretty much old school all the way, there is no slam in evidence here.  Although there are some obvious exceptions, death metal as a genre has always been technical.  These guys being death metal are technical but not overly so.  Its like they wanted to keep this alum to the point and not get overly polished or get lost in overly technical passages, polished and technical definitely have their place and are close to my own heart but they have no place here.

I have to mention the track Sledgehammer Redemption which has Obituary written all over that intro and that is no bad thing either.  This is a good death metal album that will keep current fans of the band happy, I can't imagine that it will pull in legions of new fans ut I very much doubt this will have any effect on Houwitser's outlook on the death metal landscape.

  1. Bestial Atrocity

  2.  Devoured Cunt

  3. Conviction Through Torture

  4. Sledgehammer Redemption

  5. Vision Of Blood

  6. Hatred Vindicated

  7. Shredded To Pieces

  8. Lynch The Cancer

  9. The Lingering Death

  10. Flayed, Beheaded And Quartered

  11. Demolish The Deformed

Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 7, 2010
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