Housemaster - I Paroni De Casa

The band Housemaster was formed in Venice (Italy) from the ashes of Burning Hate. After several member changes the band recorded their first demo in 2006 and released it that same year. On this demo the lyrics are sung in English, Spanish, German and Venetian to spread the global unity of heavy metal. Musically the band plays modern thrash with touches of death metal and heavy metal. The songs are nice in up tempo or steady mid paced and there is a groove in the songs as well. Having a lead guitarist is a plus and also the different languages give it an extra dimension. This demo MCD listens easily and enjoyable and you are knocking your head very soon on the tunes. Have fun.

1. Evil Eyes
2. Der Governator
3. The Hero From The Sky
4. A Nervous Attack
5. Los Diablos
6. I Paroni De Casa

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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