House Of Heavy - House Of Heavy

House Of Heavy started as the brainchild of Henrik Lundberg and Mattias Wellhag. According to their biography, they first met while Lundberg was the bassist of a band known as Masquerade and Wellhag was lead vocalist for ’some crap band that was going absolutely nowhere pretty quickly.’ Formed of their mutual enthusiasm for the hard rock of the 80’s, House Of Heavy eventually realized its existence after a two-year writing and recording process, reportedly inside the living room of Wellhag’s home. If you appreciate slightly heavier, slightly thrash-edged arena metal, the fourteen tracks of House Of Heavy’s self titled debut recording is actually quite solid for its lazy, directionless preparation described on the bio. Saxon and Fates Warning are cited as influences there; from my perception I heard traces of Metallica and the symphonic metal that was popular in many underground circles in the mid to late 90’s (bands like Luca Turrilli’s Rhapsody comes to mind).

1. HoH
2. Warpaint
3. Pure
4. A Hard Mans Lyric
5. Ride Shotgun
6. God Vs. God
7. Broken
8. Tomorrow May Never Come
9. Crash And Burn
10. My Black Rose
11. No Friend Of Mine
12. The Blues
13. Billy's Got A Gun
14. Stay
Metal Blade
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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