Hour Of Penance - Paradogma

What do you expect when you hear the name Hour Of Penance? Right - extreme Death Metal. If you´re familiar with the bands previous offerings, you certainly know what will await you. If not, let me tell you, “Paradogma” is a vicious and very intense release. These four guys from the Rome area blast and shred their way through your auditory canals. But let´s take a closer look at this album. It was released by the well-known label Unique Leader Records sometime at the end of March 2010 and contains ten brutal tracks with a total playing time of almost 38 minutes. “Paradogma” is also the long awaited follow up to “The Vile Conception” and to be honest: it was worth the wait. With purchasing this item, you´ll get extreme blast beats, intricate string work and a bad-tempered vocalist who spews out lyrics about torture and blasphemy. Despite maintaining the predominant technical structures and mainly furious pace, Hour Of Penance are able to create comprehensible songs with recognition value. Something a lot of other modern Death Metal acts try to conceal with even more fretboard gymnastics. Each track is like a hammer stroke right where it hurts and the band takes no prisoners when it comes to impressive and brutal to the core compositions. The few slower parts are accompanied by fast double bass drums to boost the level of intensity even further. The only exception on this release is the last song. Of course you´ll get blast beats and the typical Hour Of Penance riffs, but the vocals are more yelled than growled. Strange but interesting. I guess this won´t be the onset of a new style of singing, but maybe the band just wanted to try something different.

In summary, “Paradogma” convinces with its extremity as well as with its dark atmosphere. A nice artwork completes this well produced masterpiece of European Death Metal with style. This is a must-have album for every fan of bands like Vomit The Soul, Krisiun and similar ones. Hour Of Penance are on the fast lane.


1. Paradogma
2. Thousands Of Christs
3. The Woeful Eucharisty
4. Malevolence Of The Righteous
5. Caged Into Falsehood
6. Incestuous Dynasty Of Worms
7. Adversary Of Bigotry
8. Incontrovertible Doctrines
9. Spiritual Ravishment
10. Apotheosis