Hour Of Penance - Pageantry For Martyrs

After their stunning debut "Disturbance" Italian death metal monsters are back. "Pageantry For Martyrs" just continues the killing. Fast and furious songs. Variation with breaks and even faster accelerations. Deep and brutal vocals, flashy guitarriffing and intense drumming. 10 Songs that are having great production and identity. Hour Of Penance is THE Italian answer to brutal death metal bands from the USA. Just love it!

1. Der zom gottes
2. Rise and oppress
3. Mystification as law
4. From hate to suffering
5. Inhaling Disbelief
6. N.E.M.A.
7. Spires
8. Soul addicted
9. Dawn of cerebus
10. Blood tribute

Xtreem Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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