Horrid - Rising From The Hidden Spheres

Rising From The Hidden Spheres is the follow up on Reborn In Sin of 2002. Horrid comes from Italy and is playing old school death metal the Swedish ways. Think of Dismember, Konkhra and Grave. Ofcourse this is not bad but it never wins the originality award. Does this make it a bad record? No it don't as it is played with respect to their rollmodels. But I do miss furious guitarleads and not only that melodic riffing. Swedish metal fans should listen to the MP3 and visit their site for additional songs.

1. Nothing Lives Forever
2. Rising From The Hidden Spheres
3. From Here To Eternity
4. Come To Me
5. Feeling Hate
6. Redemption And Lies
7. Harmonic Devastation
8. Outro

+ bonus video track

XTreem Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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