Horrid Flesh - Suicide Order

French devotees to death and black metal. Existing from the end of 1999 and now delivering their new demo. Aggressive, fast and melodic. The guitars are very prominent (where are the leads?) while the brutal vocals could be more in front just like the drums. Maybe do more with two style vocals (grunt/screamy)?Tempo of the songs are high but with melody and breaks. They stay a bit i the safe area but should go more extreme in the breaks. Not only in the fast but also in the slow tempo. And please stop with the so called hidden tracks because it is not funny anymore. And that counts for all the other bands around the globe too!

1. Undefeated
2. Skinless factor
3. In lament’s term
4. Sword of sin
5. Antithesis of conception
6. Dogma division
7. -/-/-
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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