Horrendous Rebirth - Devouring Chaos

Ok this is a release from Rotten Music Recs so go fuckin buy it. This could as well be the end of the review , and every brutaler would get the point. I mentioned Rotten Music Recs and so far mr Jachym has proved that in his roaster there's place only for the sickest. And this of course goes for the Italian groovy brutal death metalers Horrendous Rebirth.

After a demo of 2011, it was time for them to release their first full length in age 2015. "Devouring Chaos" is the title and it really is a blast. Mostly mid tempo but with rational outbursts of blasting occasionally, the boys from Palermo manage to create a swirling aura unmatched. A 10 ton wall of cement pushing your gut. Razor sharp riffs given in a brilliant performance. The enhancements between groove and blasting madness come and go but always when they see fit. This gives the whole album a great flow.  "Devouring Chaos" consists of 7 songs with an average length of 3:50 minutes each. The songs themselves are constructional-wise complete if I may use the term. One can find complete song constructions there based on great riffs and the rest of the instruments of course building upon them. If I should use some bands as reference I would go partially with Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity and Malevolent Creation with a singer combining Disgorge and Pathology. Hell of a mix huh? Wait till you hear it. The singer in fact is a total beast. Growling like crazy and mixing techniques as gutturals with typical growling to more intense ones, using his voice as an instrument and not just filling gaps.

The production is simply awesome. Muddy as it should be in this type of brutal shit those guys play, but on the same time clear enough so everything is heard loud, giving the proper air every instrument needs to breathe. Brutal music with crazed maniacal blasting outbursts, wrapped together with a perfect production, all kept under a really nasty album layout. Combo lads. Can't miss it. "Devouring Chaos" has complete album streaming through Rotten Music's Bandcamp page. Check it  out ladies. See how much you can take of it.

  1. This New War
  2. Haunted
  3. They Devour
  4. Mechanical Evisceration
  5. Extinction
  6. Brainless
  7. Nailed