Horna - Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa

Legion Horna was born in the year of 1993 through the diabolic union of Shatraug and Moredhel. In 1994 Horna was joined by drummer Gorthaur and first demo “Varjoissa” was created in 1995. After two more or less successful live appearances during spring 1996 Nazgul joined the congregation on vocals leading the way to recording of “Hiidentorni” which eventually became Horna’s debut album. Through the years nothing has stopped them and there is no end to predict yet either.

On pressing ‘play’ I noticed the air turn considerably colder, a shrill dark and striking ambience filled the room and the sound of a dominant scornful voice flooded my ears, through the malevolent evil of Satanistic rhythms.

The atmospheric turmoil of dark ambient tones, added to the epic themes of strong, powerful and indeed mesmerising performances of five accomplished musicians, who believe 100% in delivering what epitomises hell, evil and all that flourishes and yet decays from its gnarly bones.

Black metal mayhem is upon us. I have noticed that the Finnish Black Metal bands are unyielding, uncompromising and compelling, they deliver more than what is required and with so much professionalism - Horna are one such band.

There is a lot of beefed up rhythms, thickening blast beats, mood changes inciting plenty of scope and all executed to perfection. Horna never lose sight on the grim and nasty and what is contained within the album is necessary to keep the listener focused and what’s more they have managed to unlock a potential gold mine of menacing, resilience that will no doubt stand the test of time as they have indeed come this far on their 20 years hellish journey.

There is not anything on this album that has not been done before, but the mere fact remains, the band have captured the element of sinister and delivered a high calibre album that harbours menacing intent and done so to perfection and that has to gain them some credibility surely?? There is no short change from this album, which does strongly deliver, despite me not understanding the titles although I have tried to translate a few, there is no getting away from the daunting ferocity contained within its very black core and it probably is not too difficult to understand that Horna have embraced anti-Christian tracks through to Paganism and finally come out the other side waving the occult flag.

My only negative aspect was that after a while the tracks do tend to sound quite similar so it may be worth the band trying to add to their sound and incorporate more rhythms of doom laden beats into a more up tempo beat which will add more flavour to their blackened tomb, but other than that the album has no flaws for sentiment and is harsh and unworldly.

Horna give a new meaning to ‘The Dark Arts’ and will pluck the eyes from the disbelievers, without giving a second thought – a highly intense listen, but did you expect anything less from a Finnish Black metal band? I should think not!

  1. Alku
  2. Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa
  3. Kunnia Herralle, Kuninkaalle
  4. Kuolema Kuoleman Jälkeen
  5. Yhdeksäs Portti
  6. Ei Aikaa Kyyneleille
  7. Kärsimyksin Vuoltu Hänen Valittuna Äänenään
  8. Aamutähden Pyhimys
  9. Pala Tai Palvele
  10. Ota Omaksesi, Luoksesi